1 - Introducing "Your Partners In Pain" with Dr. Susan Tupper

For the launch of our "Your Partners in Pain" podcast, we are speaking with Dr. Susan Tupper who is the co-chair of the SaskPain Society, and a chronic pain advocate heavily involved in pain research in Saskatchewan.
For our first episode and “Your Partners In Pain” podcast launch, we are speaking with Dr. Susan Tupper, who is the co-chair of the Saskatchewan Pain Society and a leading pain researcher in the province.

In this episode, we speak to Susan about her involvement in pain research in the province, the various roles she has with pain care and advocacy, as well as her own lived experience with chronic neck pain and headaches.

We discuss the importance of having a care provider on your team who believes in you and your pain experience, how grief and anger are common experiences along a chronic pain journey, and advice for those new to experiencing chronic pain.

For anyone wanting to connect with Susan directly, you can e-mail her through the www.SaskPain.ca website at info@saskpain.ca, or if you are active on social media, Susan is on Twitter "@SMTPT" or you can drop her a message through the Improving Pain in SK Instagram or Facebook Pages.

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