16 - Mental Health & The Normalization of Pain with Jessica Jack

In episode 16, we speak to Jessica Jack about the importance of recognizing the intimate connection between emotional, mental, and physical health, as well as the normalization of pain experiences.
In episode sixteen, we once again speak to our podcast's incredible interim host, Jessica Jack. In this episode, Jessica walks listeners through her own lived experience of pain where she had never received a formal diagnosis. Throughout the episode, Jessica details how her physical pain was rooted in her mental health experiences.

Further, Jessica details how "pain had been normalized" as a part of her everyday experience, and she provides education on what the normalization of pain is, extinction bursts, and what we can do about it as our pain starts to ramp up before it gets better. She closes with a discussion on how pain has been normalized in many different contexts, and a very exciting announcement about SaskPain's involvement in a new initiative by Pain Canada!

We hope you enjoy this episode, and for anyone wanting to connect with Jessica directly, you are welcome to do so by e-mailing Jessica at Jessica.jack@usask.ca

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