2 - Discussing Psoriatic Arthritis and Self Advocacy with Nikki Cooke

Today we speak with Nikki Cooke who is a complex and chronic patient advocate, and a current student who is living with psoriatic arthritis.
For our second episode of “Your Partners In Pain," we are speaking with Nikki Cooke who is a complex and chronic patient advocate, a current student who lives with psoriatic arthritis, and someone who has recovered from experiencing complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

We speak to Nikki about her personal experience of having pain as a pediatric patient, and the silver linings in her life that came from experiencing arthritis as a young person. We discuss the process of receiving a diagnosis, which often involves experiences of grief and depression, the importance of self-advocacy and social support in pain management, and advice for those experiencing pain or treating pain.

For anyone wanting to connect with Nikki directly, you are welcome to e-mail her at ncooke121@gmail.com.

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