7 - Cannabis 101 With Researcher Dr. Robert Laprairie

In episode seven, we speak to researcher Dr. Robert Laprairie who provides an educational overview on cannabis, and the role cannabis has a medicine for pain care and management. A must-listen for care providers and patients alike!
For Episode 7, we get to speak with Saskatoon-based cannabis researcher and educator Dr. Robert Laprairie. Robert is a PhD research expert with numerous titles under his belt: Assistant Professor, CIHR-GSK Research Chair in Drug Discovery and Development, President & Director of Education and Trainee Initiatives, and lead on the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC) - all based out of the University of Saskatchewan!

During the episode, Robert opens with a strong "Cannabis 101" - he breaks down the science behind what is actually happening in our body's endocannabinoid system, explains Type 1 and type 2 cannabinoid receptors, and provides useful differentiations between "THC" and "CBD."

Robert also explains how cannabis works in our system to help combat things like chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, and the positive effect it has on other substance use activities - a topic that's highly relevant given the amount of pain patients who may be concerned about their opioid or other substance use strategies for pain management.

Robert provides information for care providers on educational training, steps in assisting your patients with cannabis use, and policy and research suggestions as cannabis for pain moves forward. Lastly, insight for patients who are considering cannabis use as apart of their medical regiment and the different modes of delivery. In short: start low, go slow!

We learn throughout the episode that cannabis as medicine research is a relatively new and emerging field, and we can't wait to see where Dr. Laprairie and his team go next. For information on his current lab activities, please visit his website, HERE. We hope you enjoyed this episode, and for anyone wanting to connect with Robert directly, you are welcome to do so by e-mailing him at Robert.laprairie@usask.ca, or finding him on Twitter or Instagram "@RBLaprairie."

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